Insurance consulting company

ASSIPEA is an insurance consulting company which operates in each branch of corporate and private insurance. The company was founded at the end of 2014 by Mr. Ciampi Tommaso Stefano who, after years of professional experience with major national and international insurance companies, decided to take up this important professional challenge.
Since 1990, Mr. Ciampi has worked at CSS Assicurazioni, where he remained for about 11 years, also holding the position of manager for Ticino in the field of corporate insurance (loss of earnings, accidents). From 2001 until mid-2010, he held the position of Head of Sottoceneri/Tessin in the company's health and accident insurance sector at the Helsana insurance company.
Having well specialised in the health and accident sector, Mr. Ciampi decided that the time had come to realise his dream and set up his own insurance consulting firm in Ticino. After having cooperated with some brokerage firms, in order to expand his administrative and management skills, at the end of 2014 he set up his own company, which allowed him to achieve important steps in both ways: professionally and personally.
ASSIPEA’s main objective is the customer’s full satisfaction. In order to offer a professional and avant-garde service, Assipea's collaborators attend refresher and improvement courses in all insurance branches. In addition to the FINMA adhesion (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Banking Intermediaries), the employees responsible for consultancy are also registered with CICERO, a certification body for insurance skills, which requires each affiliate to attend regular training courses in each insurance sector.
ASSIPEA - which has a cooperation agreement with most major insurance groups in Switzerland - supports its customers in all aspects related to the management of their insurance policies: from market analysis, to assistance during a claim and is always trying to meet the needs and expectations of the customer. ASSIPEA also provides its customers with a valid IT support: with and access to the online portal, using a private password, the customer can view and download all its policies, find references for claims announcements and view other useful documents such as various laws and regulations and notices relating to the different insurance branches.

Employees and affiliations

Highly qualified employees works with us, in order to regularly supply our customers with a proper technical support in the insurance field as required.

We are registered with FINMA under
registration N° 30005 (Assipea Sagl).

We are registered with CICERO under
registration N° 17507 (Assipea Sagl).